“Viva Brazil covers all your waxing, skincare and cosmetics needs”

Viva Brazil located in the Gaslamp San Diego is the best of all San Diego for Brazilian waxing and waxing Men & Women, skincare, chemical peel, body scrub massage, lash extension and lash lift. Our wax is Hypoallergenic and low temperature. Our skin care cosmetic product, VB Skin is also available in our online strore

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Ingrown Hair Serum

Ingrown Hair Serum by VB Skin Ingrown hairs are caused by a buildup of dead skin over the hair folical. Continued exfoliation helps prevent the from becoming trapped underneath the skin. The VB Skin ingrown hair serum has a refreshing feeling, it immediately READ MORE

Waxing San Diego Tips and Tricks

Waxing San Diego Viva Brazil is waxing San Diego since 2008. And yet here are the tips and tricks about waxing.  Many don’t know the basics of before and after care to get the best out of their waxing sessions and treating their READ MORE

Waxing San Diego

Facts about waxing: For first timer clients the process of waxing can be intimidating but it doesn’t have to.  Ask your esthetician, do your research and forget about all numerous “urban legend” about waxing. First look for an esthetician.  Most of Franchises will READ MORE

Intimicire Hypoallergenic Wax

Intimicire Product Description Intimi-cire is a new depilatory stripless wax designed for client with a hyper-sensitive skin.  Formulated without traditional rosin, its an innovative hypoallergenic formula.  It is perfect for sensitive skin and intimate areas.  Intimicire hypoallergenic wax is Cire Pro latest depilatory READ MORE

Film wax for face waxing & Brazilian wax

Film Wax: new generation of depilatory wax In Europe, estheticians prefer to work with Film Wax. Film wax is the improved version of the classic hot wax i.e. hard wax. Due to adding of the specific components i.e. organic polymers and others components, READ MORE

Unique Hard Wax Designed for Brazilian Waxing

Why Viva Brazil Hard Wax is so unique? Our depilatory waxes are manufactured and imported under the label Cire Pro-France.  Cire Pro was created by Viva Brazil owner. The goal of Cire Pro is to design, manufacture and distribute advanced depilatroy waxes for READ MORE

Natural Treatment for Seborrheic Dermatitis Scalp

Seborrheic Dermatitis: Natural Solution Seborrheic dermatitis is a common skin disease that symptoms appear similar to psoriasis, dandruff, eczema or an itchy, oily rash with scales that can appear either white or yellow. It is hereditary and can appear anywhere on the body: READ MORE

Home Made Sugar Wax Unsafe

Why ‘home made’ sugar wax is unsafe for a commercial spa Cosmetics like depilatory waxes and sugar wax are highly regulated in Europe. Cosmetics and Beauty products are controlled by REACH regulations i.e. each components are tasted individually for human safety. To import READ MORE

Pubic Hair Removal: A Short Analysis

Pubic Hair Removal: A Short and Comparative Analysis The subject of intimate and Brazilian waxing maybe futile but it really matters to us. Why so many women choose to remove their pubic hair? The messages in the media and culture that encourage Brazilian READ MORE

History of Pubic Hair Removal

Brief History of Pubic Hair Removal In this article, a brief history of pubic hair removal throughout the ages will be described. Art and literature show that statues from ancient Egypt and Greece provide evidence that some form of pubic hair removal was READ MORE

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