Body Waxing for Her

We offer Brazilian waxing, full body waxing and all types of waxing for women in San Diego.
Our stripless hypoallergenic wax and unique technique make our Brazilian wax a unique experience with 70% less pain. The results last 3 to 6 weeks. Hair must be 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch long to be effectively removed.
Viva Brazil is specialized in Brazilian wax and Full Body waxing for men and women.  For intimate waxing we use our custom made hypoallergenic stripless wax.  This wax has the lowest dropping point (temperature) compare to all hard wax available on the market.
Our trained estheticians are waxing master but also skin experts.  Treatments are available (microdermabrasion, chemical peel, skin lighting) to fix your bikini line and your skin down there.

Body Waxing Services

Brazilian wax $55
Bikini $45
Underarms $21
Booty Crack $30 or Booty Smooth $45
Legs-Full $47  Legs-Half $35  with Hard Wax $90/$60
Arms-Full $40  Arms-Half $35
Back $27
Happy Trail / Patch / Nipple $15
Hands/Feet $22

Face Waxing

Brows $22
Face (without Brows) $42 (includes Brows) $62
Side of Face $25
Chin / Ears / Nose / Lip $15
Full Body Women $185

Brazilian Waxing Packages

Brazilian wax $55
Brazilian wax + Eyebrow $72
Brazilian wax + Underarm $71
Brazilian wax + Eyebrow + Underarm $88
Brazilian + Legs Full $97 or Legs Half $85
Brazilian wax +Microdermabrasion $85 (ingrown hair solution)
Brazilian wax + Intimate Peel $100 (healthy skin)

Series For Brazilian Wax

Buy 4 Brazilian Waxes $200 save $20
Buy 5 Brazilian Waxes and get the 6 one free $275 save $55
Buy 12 Brazilian Waxes and get 2 for free $550 save $110
brazilian waxing viva brazil
Brazilian Waxing Viva Brazil