Waxing San Diego Tips and Tricks

Waxing San Diego

Viva Brazil is waxing San Diego since 2008. And yet here are the tips and tricks about waxing.  Many don’t know the basics of before and after care to get the best out of their waxing sessions and treating their skin the right way for waxing.

Prepare Before Waxing

For an easy waxing, with high results and as painless as it can be, the skin needs to be prepared . We’ve listed some great tips to get you ready for your waxing service.

Wait at least 3to 5 weeks between each visit so the hair can grow up to ¼ inch. Waxing will not be as effective if you haven’t waited long enough.

If you’re very sensitive, take painkillers about 20 minutes before waxing so the process won’t hurt as much. Avoid caffeine also.

Stop shaving. Shaving between waxing services will reverse the benefits of waxing, including removing hair from the root and having silky smooth skin.

Use a pre-depilatory antiseptic lotion to clean and remove cream and sweat. Use baby wipes and baby powder to leave the skin clean and dry for a better waxing service.

Hydrate and moisturize your skin as your daily routine. At the end it is highly beneficial to your overall health.

Waxing After Care

After care waxing will help your skin look better and make your next waxing service better.

Keep the waxed area clean, and avoid heat and friction during the next 24 hours.

Avoid swimming in chlorinated pools, hot tub, hot yoga and intensive work-out.

After waxing, dead skin layers can build up and trap hairs. When hairs can’t grow out, they grow back in, resulting in ugly bumps, which can be the early sign of ingrown hairs.
To prevent ingrown hair, exfoliate daily during shower or bath.  Also use VB Skin ingrown hair serum to prevent and eliminate ingrown hair.  VB Skin serum will hydrates the skin.

Ingrown Hair Serum by VB Skin

Ingrown Hair Serum by VB Skin

Viva Brazil is waxing with his two locations. One in Pacific Beach and the other one in the Gaslamp downtown San Diego. Viva Brazil introduced the hard wax South Beach way of waxing to San Diego in 2008. Viva Brazil is specialized in Brazilian and Full Body Waxing for Men and Women. Viva Brazil is using only Cire Pro USA depilatory waxes.  VB Skin is formulated and manufactured for Viva Brazil only and distributed by Spa Order.
Learn more at http://www.vivabrazilsd.com

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