Waxing post care

Ingrown Hair Prevention & Elimination i.e. Waxing Post Care

Products available at Viva Brazil! are selected on results and potency.

Our selected brands are the most efficient and safe for your skin without the use of alcohol or unnecessary fragrances. Viva Brazil! doesn’t carry a product/brand if we don’t believe in it.

Exfoliating Glove and Cloth for Ingrown Hair Prevention

Exfoliating glove for waxing post care

Exfoliating Glove

The first line of defense to prevent ingrown hair is exfoliation!

Use your normal soap/body wash/cleanser with our Scrubby Gloves and or Exfoliating Cloth.

Our nylon Exfoliating Gloves, can be used like a washcloth to help gently remove the outer layers of dead skin that can trap hairs from growing outward.  Exfoliating Gloves and high quality nylon Exfoliating Cloth do not harbor bacteria like natural loofahs are on sale at Viva Brazil! and are for those hard to reach places like your back so every part of your body gets attention.

Ingrown Serum For Waxing Post Care

This serum has a refreshing feeling and helps prevent and eradicate painful ingrown hairs after waxing, shaving, electrolysis and laser hair removal.

The VB Skin ingrown hair serum contains NO ALCOHOL which is very important to the health of your skin.  It’s unique formulation hydrates the skin and prevents ingrown hair.

Use it with the exfoliating glove or cloth for excellent results you can see and feel.  This serum is manufactured in the United States by VB Skin and available at Spa Order for professionals only.

Ingrown hair serum for waxing post care

Ingrown hair serum for waxing post care

 AHA Total Body Wash For Better Exfoliation

This effective, foaming polish Total Body Wash by VB Skin contains a special blend of natural alpha hydroxy acids and natural spherical Jojoba beads.  Reveals clarity in the skin while gently buffing the surface of the epidermis. Gentle enough for daily use to clarify skin tone and skin’s natural renewal process and deeper exfoliation.

AHA Total Body Wash

AHA Total Body Wash


Sugar Body Polishes Facial For The Skin

Our Sugar Body Polishes by VB Skin is a popular body treatment that exfoliates and hydrates your skin, leaving it smooth and soft.  The best way to think about our Sugar Body Polishes are that they are a smoothing and nourishing treatment for the skin — basically a facial for the body.

Our Sugar Body Polishes contain natural ingredients and scents.  They are sulfate and paraben free.  These take home products are the best waxing post care companions that will ensure your skin will be it’s healthiest, smoothest and clearest.

body polish & body scrub for waxing post care

Sugar Body Polishes