Waxing for Him – Man Brazilian Wax

Viva Brazil! the expert in Man Waxing and Body Waxing

Viva Brazil! is number one salon for Men waxing in San Diego.  Our staff is highly experienced in Man Brazilian Wax and Full Body Waxing.  For body waxing for men we used our custom made hard wax.  Our services include: Man Brazilian, Speedo (bikini), Back, Chest & Abs and Full Body Waxing.  Viva Brazil also offer eyebrow wax for man.

We also offer Hypoallergenic stripless wax for better comfort.  Our Sunset wax is unique and has a very low temperature.

For the best results, the hair has to be at least 1/4 inch long (about 10-14 days of hair growth). For more details check the Faqs sections.

To learn more about male waxing and manscaping, we strongly advise you this article published on imanscape.

Body Parts

Man’zilian (Man Brazilian Wax) $75 Back & Shoulders $60
Man’Zilian Hypoallergenic wax $75 Back & Shoulders hard Wax $70
Butt crack / Booty Smooth $40 / $55 Chest $40
Shoulders $25 Chest&Abs $67
Neck $15 Abs $40
Legs-half $50 Arms-half $45
Legs-full $70 Arms-full $67
Chest&Abs $67 Underarms $22
Patch $15-25 Hands/feet $22

Full Body Waxing

Looking for a Full Body Waxing experience?  Viva Brazil is the ultimate salon for a full body waxing service.  Our prices are custom and affordable.  You can contact us for prices and question at 858-272-8482 Pacific Beach or 619-231-8483 for Downtown.

Finishing Touches

Brow $22 Nose $15
Ears $15 Sides of face $30
Face/Beard $45 Man-scaping/clip for natural look $15/area

Viva Brazil! is highly experienced in waxing for Men in San Diego.  Try us to “feel the difference”