Viva girl

Being a Viva Girl at Viva Brazil San Diego

You wanna wax where, how, why? Yes, we will wax you there, and really, it’s not as bad as it sounds.  At Viva Brazil San Diego, we’ve heard it all, so there’s no way you can shock us. We know the experience of waxing can be daunting. In fact, that’s why we opened in the first place. We wanted a place that would be comfortable, non-intimidating, and didn’t leave us feeling like you just lost a layer of skin.

Our staff is fully trained on Brazilian waxing and full body waxing.  But not like a franchise doing only waxing, our estheticians are also skin specialist.

So imagine, you just got wax down there, but your are dealing with some skin issues on that intimate area.  No worries, our estheticians will help you to correct your skin and fix these issues.  Viva Brazil doesn’t need “ceralogist, or waxer specialist” or other fancy names…  We are proud to be estheticians or cosmetologists.

Viva Brazil has waxing services and skin care treatments.

We’re a team of chemists and estheticians who have developed a hard wax that protects the skin, leaving it smoother than before. Using our custom made wax and our in house techniques that combine age-old Brazilian secrets and the most modern skills from South Beach, our waxing creates better, less painful, and longer lasting results. The way waxing should be.