Unique Hard Wax Designed for Brazilian Waxing

Why Viva Brazil Hard Wax is so unique?

Our depilatory waxes are manufactured and imported under the label Cire Pro-France.  Cire Pro was created by Viva Brazil owner. The goal of Cire Pro is to design, manufacture and distribute advanced depilatroy waxes for the United States market. So why our hard is unique?
First, the ingredients used by Cire Pro-France are natural ingredients with high purity and/or highly developed synthetic polymers for advanced formulations. Our formulations are unique and best keep secret. We are member of the world famous French beauty industry with centuries of expertise. Cire Pro-France hard wax is an unique product with a very exclusive formulation.

Hard wax for Brazilian waxing

Hard wax for Brazilian waxing

Our depilatory waxes are designed for imitate waxing (i.e. Brazilian waxing for both men and women), full body waxing. Our products are designed with the goal to achieve the best results and provide the best waxing experience to the clients. Also they are easy to handle for esthetician and economical for the spa industry. Our wax is elastic, flexible and used in thin application.
Our hard wax is 100% organic. The ingredients are mainly pine resin, bees’ wax and polymers. The rosin is the backbone of the formulation. We select a very pure rosin from a specific pine variety. The rosin confers properties such as elasticity and hair removal factor. The bee’s wax used is purified and added to reduced the temperature of the wax.
Cire Pro is manufactured the REACH regulations i.e. all the ingredients are tested and approved for E.U., the tractability is total. The REACH regulations is the strongest regulations for customers safety.
The polymers added confer elasticity and long flexibility. Our allow s the esthetician to treat multiple area of the body at the same time. Cire Pro hard wax stays flexible and doesn’t break.
In the past, hard was uses to be name as hot wax. But, with our formulations, the hard wax is applied nearly to the body temperature. Cire Pro hard wax leaves the skin cool, calm, and beautifully smooth. The feeling is nearly painless for the client and the low temperature gave an ultimate waxing experience. The benefits of Cire Pro hard wax are:

low application temperature


painless and no irritation, designed for sensitive skin

no ingrown hair (combined with VB Skin ingrown hair serum)

Our waxes are evaluated for the United States market at Viva Brazil San Diego. And after evaluation, approval and certification they are available to the North American market.

Cire Pro depilatory waxes are distributed by selected vendors.
If you would like to become a distributor contact us by email (martin@cirefrance.com) or phone at 6197579041.

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