Ultimate Guideline for the Modern Man

Manscaping Map

Manscaping Map

This is The Viva Brazil ManscapingUltimate Guideline for the Modern Man.

Where a man should manscape and what results to expect?
We are not suggesting this guideline will cover everywhere but it will certainly give you a good start. From head to toe, a little grooming doesn’t hurt and can help a man to feel and look at his best. This is a short list of services available at Viva Brazil.
Viva Brazil is a waxing studio specialized in Brazilian waxing and full body waxing for Men & Women. Viva Brazil has 2 locations in San Diego to serve you better, Pacific Beach and Downtown San Diego.

From head to toes, what a man can do.  All these services are available at our both Viva Brazil locations.
Have you got bushy and/or a unibrow? Make sure you wax/trim them to a socially acceptable length.
Nose hair can be a big problem. It’s not a great look when you are talking to someone and you can see a bit of long hair coming out of their nostril. Get a quick wax to eliminate those bad boys. Nose waxing is fast and doesn’t hurt. Really.
As you get older, you may start to notice hair actually growing in your ears. If you have a nose hair trimmer -forget about it, it will make your hairs stronger and leave a “carpet” feeling on and in your ears.
An ear wax is the solution you could use that to control this ear hair jungle. Your ears will be smooth like your younger days.
Hair growing on your neck is not uncommon. There are simple ways of removing this hair such as shaving or trimming. For a longer lasting and more aesthetically pleasing results, waxing is the best solution.
Some people like chest hair. Some people hate chest hair. If you want to look like you’ve just come out of the seventies, then leave it as it is. Otherwise wax it off. Hard wax is the way to go for a better and smooth result -Or ask you esthetician for a customized trim. You can watch our Viva Brazil Wax video on Youtube to see a full chest & abs waxing.
Under Arm Hair
Hairy pits? If you don’t want the hairs dangling from under your arms, or you think that you are using to much deodorant -smooth pits are the best solution for a warm climate like San Diego. So a quick wax, will leave your pits smooth for 4-6 weeks.
Arm hair is common in men. A quick wax will leave your arms with a smooth finish and a clean feeling. If you work in the medical field, hospitality industry or in the kitchen, arm waxing is almost mandatory.
People have been manscaping their back hair for ages. Back waxing is fast, done in less than 15 minutes and will leave a smooth back for 4-6 weeks. Don’t shave your back -wax it!
Pubic Hair: Balls & Ass Crack
Unless you want a jungle down below, make sure you manscape your pubes.
A Man’zilian or Brazilian wax for men, is the best way to remove unwanted hair in the pubic area.
Get all smooth or leave some hair on the top -Fully customizable. It’s a selfless act that you can make for your partner and it also makes your little guy look bigger.
Leg hair is another place on your body to manscape. There are numerous ways to remove leg hair. The most popular is waxing. Smooth legs are the best for runners, bikers and tri-athletes.

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