Skin care services are available in our Pacific Beach and downtown locations. Facials & Chemical Peels.        


If you’re tired of the redness from rosacea, sick of battling acne, and simply exhausted from treating aging skin, daily use of PCA Skin® can literally take a load off your face. You can significantly improve your skin health and complexion without all the worry.


Quality-minded and research-driven, PCA Skin® doesn’t settle for the basic results. It seeks to create visible skin improvements without the use of alcohol or unnecessary fragrances. PCA Skin® has a product for every skin type, tone, and complexion. And don’t worry, Men -PCA Skin® also has a line just for you.  Products available at Viva Brazil! are selected on result and potency. Our selected brands are the most efficient and safe for your skin without the use of alcohol or unnecessary fragrances. Viva Brazil! doesn’t carry a product/brand if we don’t believe in it.  If you cannot find the product you are looking for at our location, we will order it for you.

South Beach Skin Solutions

South Beach Skin Solutions

SBSS Lightening gel for sensitive areas. Specifically formulated for lightening the sensitive intimate area. No harmful or irritating ingredients. So safe and gentle you can use after waxing. SBSS Skin Lightening for underarms. This revolutionary product is designed specifically for use in the critical underarm area. It comes with a natural deodorant in a convenient roll-0n form. SBSS Ultimate Skin Prep Solutions. Reduce the pain of waxing, shaving. It cleans and desensitizes the skin.