History of Pubic Hair Removal

Brief History of Pubic Hair Removal

In this article, a brief history of pubic hair removal throughout the ages will be described.
Art and literature show that statues from ancient Egypt and Greece provide evidence that some form of pubic hair removal was practiced by women in these societies. Statues form ancient Egypt and Greece, represented the ideal of a hairless, feminine body. The presence of pubic hair on women was considered to be “uncivilized”.

In Ancient Rome, body hair removal was most often practiced by upper class society.

Also women in Ancient Middle Eastern and African cultures underwent various forms of pubic hair removal; hair removal methods were shaving and plucking.Gillette 1915

During the Middle Ages, pubic hair removal was not really practiced, but some European women removed pubic hair to avoid lice.

Until the 20th century pubic hair removal was not common among western society and women. In the early part of the 20th century, shaving leg and underarm hair was developed, with the introduction new clothes and fashions. The Gillette company marketed the first razor for women in 1915. The marketing strategy was that body hair was “unsightly” and “objectionable” so needed to be removed with a razor. Body hair removal was focusing on the feminine aspect and sanitation.
The introduction of the first bikini swimsuit in 1946 and also paid vacation changed the rules. Women were now facing the need to remove pubic hair that might be exposed by this new outfit.

During the rise of feminism in the 1960s and 1970s, many women chose to accept their natural body hair. Some feminists rejected the cultural ideal of hairless human body.

However, by the 1990s, it was becoming more common for women to practice pubic hair removal at various times in their lives and in different ways. Fashion, beauty and entertainment industries played a major role in pubic hair removal trends and its generalization. Swimsuits, lingerie necessitated the removal of most or all pubic hair.
During that time, beauty industry increased the abundance of body hair removal products, services and methods. As a result it was a gradual, and general cultural acceptance of the practice of pubic hair removal and body hair removal. Pornography also cultivated an image of the sexually attractive woman who is characterized by the absence of pubic hair. The growth of online pornography has meant that for many young men and women, this image is now considered to be the norm.

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