Careers and Culture

FEARLESS or the Pursuit of Excellence

The pursuit of excellence is a part of our waxing and skincare philosophy at Viva Brazil! It is both the courage to start, the passion to finish and the joy of perfect achievement. Waxing is an Art, and it is perfected by our estheticians.

EDUCATION Is our Lifeblood

At Viva Brazil!, education means pushing the frontiers of Waxing & Skincare with the most advanced techniques and cutting-edge products. Our estheticians are continuously challenged and taught how to handle and over come those challenges at Viva Brazil!

WE Win Together

Success is not singular at Viva Brazil!. Our staff is our fortune. Our work demands everyone’s participation to be successful. Our employees are our most valuable asset in the company. We know this and we reward them for their achievements. Each employe has personal milesstones and customized educational achievements.