“Viva Brazil covers all your waxing, skincare and cosmetics needs”

Viva Brazil located in the Gaslamp San Diego is the best of all San Diego for Brazilian waxing and waxing Men & Women, skincare, chemical peel, body scrub massage, lash extension and lash lift. Our wax is Hypoallergenic and low temperature. Our skin care cosmetic product, VB Skin is also available in our online strore

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Health Issues-Body Waxing Risks

Understanding the Health Issues and Body Waxing Risks: Over the centuries hair removal habits have developed among varied cultures, progressively changing and evolving, but it is not until the mid 20th century that hair removal has become common practice in Western countries1. Bikini READ MORE

VB Skin: New Skin Care Products

VB Skin: Skincare products line for Viva Brazil! As a research chemist working for over decades in the pharmaceutical field, the switch from antiviral and medicinal drugs development to the skincare industry was, believe or not a little challenging in different aspects. But READ MORE

Male Body Waxing

Tips to consider before Male Body Waxing Waxing is not a beauty regimen just for women anymore. Male clients can also enjoy the advantages of this hair removal method as well. Men can get their hair removed and have a smooth allure for READ MORE

Why using online booking software

15 good reasons to have an online booking software The Internet is here to stay, and like many businesses have made their first leap to the Internet with a web site, Viva Brazil! is moving forward with the advance of technology, not only READ MORE

Battling out the Pros and Cons of Leg Waxing vs Leg Shaving

Battling out the Pros and Cons of Leg Waxing vs Leg Shaving   The drastic difference in access to clean water around the globe came to the forefront of my mind when one of my favorite celebrities, Matt Damon, took part in the READ MORE

Chemical Peel Month and win a round trip

Chemical Peel Month and win a round trip from PCA Skin Viva Brazil is selected by PCA Skin to participate to the 25 years of Peels sweepstakes.  The contest runs February 3-27. To participate schedule a PCA chemical peel, snap a selfie with READ MORE

Man grooming, the underarms waxing

Man Grooming: underarms waxing While surfing waxing blogs I came across the question: “Should a man groom his underarms?” And I have to respond.  Yes, a man should groom his underarms! The unfair double standard that women must be smooth and sweet smelling READ MORE

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Brazilian Wax for Women and Men

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Brazilian Wax for Women and Men   Until recently intimate and Brazilian waxing was considered as a service for women, but now waxing for men is becoming popular in the male grooming arena. Total hair removal in the READ MORE

Cosmetics Ingredients to avoid in Personal Care & Cosmetics

Ingredients to Avoid in Personal Care Women are exposed to an average of 168 ingredients per day in their personal care products. Men are exposed to “only” 85, says the Environmental Working Group. Are all those ingredients safe? Hundreds of ingredients are legal READ MORE

Rewards points program

Rewards points that you can use as cash with us!   Viva Brazil updated to a GREEN loyalty rewards system! You don’t have to get a card stamped or waste paper… our new system will keep track of points for you and tell READ MORE

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