Our Philosophy

Viva Brazil Philosophy and Statement

Depilatory Wax

Viva Brazil! exclusively uses only its own depilatory wax products.  They are available at Cire Pro USA, a private label manufacturer and

cire france depilatory wax

Cire France Cire Pro

importer.  Our depilatory waxes are manufactured in France and distributed worldwide.

Our latest product is the Sunset Hypoallergenic Stripless wax.  This wax has the lowest melting point for a depilatory wax.


The next part, and the most the most important, is our experience and technique. A lot of places will say that they do “Brazilian waxing” yet cannot master the AUTHENTIC way with HARD wax. Some will try to sell you on the idea of using soft wax (the kind you use on your upper lip -the one with the strip of cloth or paper) is better. However, those of us avid waxers know that certain waxes are better for certain parts of the body.

From bikini treatments to full body hair removal, Viva Brazil! devotes itself to providing you with virtually painless procedures while achieving the best results possible. Our treatment area all-inclusive, and goes beyond the ordinary. We are crazy about your comfort. Because of this obsession, we stress the proper skincare before and after the hair removal process, so you leave feeling smooth, clean, and happy!

Our technique, taught to us by award-winning Brazilian estheticians, plus our additional knowledge and experience (heck, we’ve been at this for over 6 years) results in less pain and discomfort for our clients as well as leaving the skin intact, trauma-free, smooth and supple.

That is why we say: Come FEEL the difference… You won’t go anywhere else.

We are the way waxing should be.

Skincare Products

We are manufacturing and distributing our own skin care line: VB Skin – Very Beautiful Skin.  Our products are manufactured in United

vb skin skin care products

Very Beautiful Skin

States under FDA guidelines.  They paraben free, sulfate free, vegan free, animal cruetly free.  Our products line includes: cleansers, hydrator creams, body wash, body scrubs, ingrown hair serum and hair products.

Our products are available in our downtown location and also in our online store.

Our Sanitation Policy

Here at Viva Brazil!, we maintain hygienic conditions for all of our treatments, especially waxing.

At Viva Brazil! we hope to ensure a germ-free visit, using only sanitary equipment. We enforce a strict disinfection/ sterilization policy with our implements and utensils.

Our medical background in working in numerous hospital clean rooms and medicinal research ensures that we do nothing to promote or

vb skin cosmetic

VB Skin Cosmetics

spread any potential harmful bacteria from one client to another. Sanitation is our pride, and hygiene is a top priority. And think about it, it is more than ‘double dip’ policy.  Our treatment rooms are designed for sanitation, washable floor, metal furniture, antibacterial wash station…

We guarantee that all supplies and instruments are disinfected/sterilized after every client and your skin specialist will wear non-latex gloves during your treatment.

We don’t use traditional wax warmers, instead we use a 30L reactors to reduce the risk of cross contamination. Also the roll-on applicators used for soft wax are imported from Europe and are the latest on the market: the wax will never touch the head to avoid any contamination.

Our custom made Hard Wax is a natural product, organic and made with the purist ingredients on the market.