Film wax for face waxing & Brazilian wax

Film Wax: new generation of depilatory wax

In Europe, estheticians prefer to work with Film Wax. Film wax is the improved version of the classic hot wax i.e. hard wax.
Due to adding of the specific components i.e. organic polymers and others components, the film wax has unique properties and advantages:

has lower melting temperature (55 – 65 °C degrees)
completely duplicates the relief of body area, catches all hairs close to the skin surface, which allows to remove hair from arduous zones on the first try
does not leave any broken hairs
30-40% more economical in use, comparing to classic hard wax
couldn’t be broken during removal, long flexibility and pliability
can be apply in large strip for large body area i.e. legs, arms or back
Significantly reduces hair removal procedure time by the possibility to do multiple application (strips)

Film wax for face waxing & Brazilian wax

Film wax for face waxing & Brazilian wax

Film wax is designed for intimate waxing (Brazilian and bikini waxing) face waxing and armpits.

Film wax is more economical than regular hard wax and easy to handle by junior esthetician.

At Viva Brazil San Diego, we used our own designed film wax from Cire Pro. The Cire Pro – Cire France film wax leaves the skin smooth and hydrated. There is no need of oil or lotion to protect the skin before, we recommend the use of baby powder to protect the skin. The “pelable” wax is used exclusively for face waxing but can also be used for intimate waxing if the client request it.

To prevent and reduce ingrown hair, our VB Skin ingrown hair serum is the perfect product. It leaves the skin hydrate, smooth and can also be use on the face.

Viva Brazil has two locations in the San Diego area. One in Pacific Beach and one in the Gaslamp downtown San Diego. Viva Brazil introduced the hard wax South Beach way of waxing to San Diego in 2008. Viva Brazil is specialized in Brazilian and Full Body Waxing for Men and Women. Viva Brazil is using only Cire Pro USA depilatory waxes. These depilatory waxes are customs made for the United States market and imported and distributed by Viva Brazil only.
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