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Online Booking for Viva Brazil

You may have asked yourself why Viva Brazil! is so interested in getting an online reservation system on their web site.
The purpose of our book online system is for the customer to be able to reserve services with ease, twenty four hours a days, seven days a

online booking viva brazil

Book Online at Viva Brazil

week, all over the globe (if the client is coming- or still in a long deployment), and pay in advance. For Viva Brazil! The online booking system is a great tool and for us to manage our business in the simplest way possible. An organized, cohesive and functional online booking system is essential to provide a good customer service by anticipating rush and long services and to give to our clients the best experiences. When a client book online with our system, the privacy is total and the system is fully accurate.

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– Take bookings 24 hours a day
– No Double Bookings
– No phone call
– Easy to Use
– Automated reminders: reminders and Confirmations via SMS and emails
– Customers can book from another country
– Customers can book on their phone
– Real time availability
– Pay in advance
– Full and complete privacy

Cancellation Policy and “No Show”

– A Credit Card is required to Book Online.
– Our Cancellation Policy for all appointments: Cancellation must be made 24 Hours before the appointment, you will be charge Full of the cost for all services booked. By Booking Online you are confirming your understanding and compliance with Viva Brazil!’s cancellation and “no show”policy. If you can’t make it, call us so you can award your time to another client on our waitlist.

After cancellation, Viva Brazil offers to the client one week to come and get the service and more for our clients on active duties.