Body Waxing

Body Waxing for Her

Our staff is fully trained on hard wax and speed waxing. Each esthetician uses the same technique with different style and personality. If you are not satisfied with your last provider, please contact us and we will select the best esthetician for your personal needs.  Our body waxing technique is unique and combine the best depilatory waxes from France and the best techniques for Brazilian wax and real speed waxing to achieve body waxing best results.

We use our custom hard wax for intimate waxing, soft wax with applicator for large areas (avoiding double dipping) and film for the visage and brow design.  Our hypoallergenic wax is also available for face waxing and intimate waxing.

Our depilatory waxes are customs made and manufactured and imported by Viva Brazil.  Our hard wax has the lowest dropping point compare to all hard wax on the market.

Our staff is fully trained in real speed waxing and highly qualified in intimate waxing.  But they are also skin experts, so don’t hesitate to ask her any question about your skin.

Body Waxing

Brazilian Wax $55
Bikini $45
Underarms $21
Booty Crack $30
Booty Smooth $45
Legs-full $47
Legs-half $35
Arms-full $40
Arms-half $35
Legs-half- Hard Wax $60
Full Leg-Hard Wax $90
Back $27
Happy trail $15
Patch / Nipple $15
Hands / Feet $22


 Face Waxing

Face (without Brows)
Face (includes Brows) $62
Side of Face $25
Chin $15
Ears $15
Nose $15
Lip $15
body waxing & Brazilian waxing

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