Fuller-looking & Thicker-looking Lashes & Brows

Throw away your Mascara- and get longer & thicker looking lashes & brows with RapidLash an enhancing serum on sale at Viva Brazil! San Diego. Your Lashes & brows will get longer and thicker, the results are guaranteed in just one tube.   Rapidlash READ MORE

Precautions to be taken before undertaking wax

Waxing in San Diego is adopted widely as the best method for semi permanent hair removal treatments. It is the best way to get rid of all the unwanted hairs and get that soft and clean skin. This method is increasingly being undertaken READ MORE

Facial waxing for women in San Diego

Women Waxing is a very common beauty treatment taken by women all over the world. This can be taken on any part of the body except some of the most sensitive regions like eyes and etc.  This is the best method of hair READ MORE

Male Waxing Demo

Our new Viva Brazil Movie is out! This time you can be part of a live male body waxing experience. Experience first hand how the waxing is done. Our client, who is a waxing addict since the time he first got waxed by READ MORE

Male Waxing Testimonial

A male client gave his testimonial about waxing.  Why he went into waxing, why male body waxing is good for him.  What does he love about Viva Brazil? Is hairless body is helping him for his body care, his work out, and finally: READ MORE

A Day at Viva Brazil: The French Tourist

A Day at Viva Brazil: “A day at Viva Brazil” is a new series of funny stories and incidents we’ve experienced at Viva Brazil’s waxing lounge. Client information is kept confidential at Viva Brazil. Therefore names and other information may be changed, or READ MORE

Manscaping and Man Waxing gains popularity

Finally the summer is here and June gloom is over in San Diego. With everyone rushing to our beautiful beaches to enjoy the sun, a visit to the local waxing salon is a must for many. Waxing is the most popular method for READ MORE

Hard wax the new California Wave when it comes to hair removal:

The best method for long lasting hair removal is waxing. Specifically with hard wax, which generally extends the period of unwanted hair growing back as compared to soft wax. One of the reasons that hard wax is much more efficient than soft wax, READ MORE